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☼ permissions.


character: Oerba Dia Vanille, but you can just call her Vanille.
series: Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2
age: 19, or 19 and some hundreds of years, or 19 and some thousands of years.

out of character
backtagging: I often need to do this, so yes!
threadhopping: As long as it's public, feel free.
fourthwalling: No thank you.
offensive subjects: First off, if anything I ever say bothers you or makes you uncomfortable, please let me know. Otherwise, I'm pretty cool with most things, if I know you're joking. No slurs and no creeping, and we're gold.

in character
hugging: Vanille likes to get up in everyone's personal space, so she's more likely to do this to you. But go for it!
kissing: On the cheek, sure, but like, ~*sexytimes makeouts*~ we'll need to talk.
flirting: Sure! She'll probably shoot you down, though it'll be in the nicest way possible.
fighting: Verbal fighting is fine! If it's physical, talk to me first. Vanille's tougher than she looks, so don't expect an easy battle for all that she looks like she couldn't hurt a fly.
injuring: I'm cool with most degrees of injury, but talk to me. If we're in a log where this is likely to happen, I would definitely prefer communication.
killing: Maybe, on a case by case basis. We'd need to discuss it.
mind-reading: She likely has no defenses against this, but please ask me first.
warnings: Umm, Vanille probably wants to hug you or hold your hand or cry at you. Beware.

Actually, she has a lot of magic and a weapon-thing that's like a deer antler with fishing lines attached, and they have hooks on the end... just go with it. The point is, she is capable of fucking shit up if she wants to. Which she probably won't, but she can. She has a particular spell called Death which ... kills you. Or does a lot of damage if the death part doesn't stick. So be aware of that. She's totally more likely to make flower crowns and daisy chains than she is to hurt anyone, though she will protect her friends.

If for any reason you don't want me to tag your characters, let me know here! Just comment with the character name(s) and journal(s) and I'll make sure not to tag them.