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☼ ic contact.

"Hi, it's Vanille! I'm not here right now, but when I am I'll get right back to you! Promise!."

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voice, dec. 4th

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[There had been little opportunity to search the network while down in what remained of Exsilium, and Fang rarely did so besides. Pointless chatter most of the time, by her reckoning, and lately, infighting she had no stock in. For the few people she cared to speak to, she did so in person.

But something moves her to check it this day — boredom, perhaps. A reprieve from the wide expanse of white she's seen every day for the past week. And when she flicks on the communicator, she sees a name she recognizes in the directory.

The settlement she is in is bitterly cold, but for the first time in days, Fang doesn't feel it. She's too focused on setting up a private feed, and when she speaks up, her voice is almost tentative. Inasmuch as she could be tentative, anyway.]

Vanille? Can you hear me?

[They'd been warned not to have private correspondence with the folks on the moonbase, but Fang has never been one to follow rules.]
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[When Fang hears Vanille's voice, there's an audible sigh of relief on her end.] And here I thought this thing was playing tricks on me. [...] Are you alright? Are you with Light and the others?

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Just Light and Hope, huh? Wonder where the lovebirds wandered off to. [She doesn't sound too concerned, though. Neither one could be too far away, with how cramped the base was.]

As for what it's like down here, it's cold. Lots of snow, and some animals I can't make any sense of. We found the lot in charge here, but they're none too friendly. I have the feeling our living arrangements won't be handed to us this time.

How's it up there? Better not be anyone giving you trouble.
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There's enough snow for as many snowmen you can think of. [Some of the gruffness smooths out of her voice, replaced by something warm and affectionate. She's unsurprised that instead of her warnings, the idea of snowmen would be what captured Vanille's attention, but she can't bring herself to be bothered by it. With all they'd gone through as of late, helping Vanille build a snowman was the least she could do.]

Friends, huh. [She makes a note to keep tabs — Vanille made friends wherever she went, but not everyone on the base was friendly.] A lot of them remember us. Said we've been here before...I remember one time, at least. [A pause, and she adds, a little softer:] You've passed through a few times. Sorry I wasn't up there to meet you this time.
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I think so. [There's the sound of Fang settling down somewhere — the rustle of cloth and the crunch of her boots against the snow.] I haven't got any idea if it's true or not, but I do know I've shown up about up a few times now. The first time, I don't remember at all. But the last time, I can remember clear as day. [...] It's like I got dropped off right where I left off, then I got pulled back here again.

It's happened to the others too. Light's shown up and known more than the whole lot of us, but this time she doesn't. I think we may be getting pulled from different places. Different times. 'Least, that's the only thing that makes any sense to me. Some of the other folks around think the same way.

[Unseen, she frowns.] There's another problem though.
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The people that brought us here are all tied up in a war with who they call the United Earth. They claim... [She puts an emphasis on this.] that this United Earth can find their way back to our world.

If that's the case, they'll do the job the fal'Cie want us to do. [Even though she's dubious, this unsettles her, and it can be heard in her voice.] I don't know if I believe it, and it won't do us any good worrying about that, where we are. [...] But this all sounds like fal'Cie business to me. This Initiative, the United Earth...we should be careful about trusting any side.
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[She sighs, the sound more heavy and resigned than annoyed. She'd expected that answer, couldn't say she agreed with it, but...

If Vanille wanted to help, she would too. That was all there was to it.]
Alright. But we're gonna all stick together, you hear? No running off and doing things by yourself. If you want to help them, I will too.