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are you strong enough to stand

protecting both your heart and mine?

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Name:▸ OERBA DIA vanille.

❝ Wishes can come true, but not if you just wait for miracles. ❞
not all smiles & sunshine.

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being l'cie is suffering, bhakti, chocobos, cloudcuckoolanding, cooking, crying, cute shoes, death, experimenting in the kitchen, exploring, faaaaang!, flirting, gran pulse, guilt, guns, healing, hecaton, hecatoncheir, hipshaking, hope estheim, hugging, hugging fang, humming, invading personal space, lightning farron, lying, making stupid faces, nature documentary voiceovers, naturey things, oerba, oerba yun fang, ravaging, robots, saboteuring, saving the world, sazh katzroy, self-sacrifice, serah farron, sexual battle sounds, sheep, short skirts, skipping, sleeping with fang, smiling, snow villiers, stepford smiling, turning into crystal
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