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☼ ic contact.

"Hi, it's Vanille! I'm not here right now, but when I am I'll get right back to you! Promise!."

Please leave a message after the tone.

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voice, dec. 4th

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[There had been little opportunity to search the network while down in what remained of Exsilium, and Fang rarely did so besides. Pointless chatter most of the time, by her reckoning, and lately, infighting she had no stock in. For the few people she cared to speak to, she did so in person.

But something moves her to check it this day — boredom, perhaps. A reprieve from the wide expanse of white she's seen every day for the past week. And when she flicks on the communicator, she sees a name she recognizes in the directory.

The settlement she is in is bitterly cold, but for the first time in days, Fang doesn't feel it. She's too focused on setting up a private feed, and when she speaks up, her voice is almost tentative. Inasmuch as she could be tentative, anyway.]

Vanille? Can you hear me?

[They'd been warned not to have private correspondence with the folks on the moonbase, but Fang has never been one to follow rules.]
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