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▸ OERBA DIA vanille. ([personal profile] smiled) wrote 2013-12-28 06:58 pm (UTC)

[There's a long pause as Vanille takes all this in. She's inherently more trusting than Fang is, quicker to allow people into her heart, but after everything they've been through, all they've found out about the fal'Cie, and the way they'd been made to feel like nothing more than puppets dancing on strings... She's learned to be a little more guarded.

And if there's anything the war between Gran Pulse and Cocoon taught her, it's that the people fighting rarely know what they're really fighting for.

She's quiet when she answers, a little sad.]
I know. But... I think we should try to help, if we can.

[Because that's in her nature, too, like trusting and being a little bit strange; Vanille always wants to help, to try and make everything right.]

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