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[All this talk is a little confusing to Vanille, but she thinks she gets it. She's not stupid, after all, just kinda strange. But it doesn't seem any more impossible to her than the things they've been through at home, or any more improbable than being here in the first place. So she just rolls with it, making tiny noises under her breath to show that she's listening and comprehending.] Well... I guess it's just as likely as anything else! And if other people think so too, then... I'm sure you're right!

[Vanille trusts Fang with her whole heart, trusts her more than she trusts her own self, even. And what she says does make sense, so there's no real reason to question it. For now, at least.

Her brow furrows as she hears the serious note in Fang's voice. She's almost afraid to ask:]
What is it?

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