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I don't know, but I'm sure we'll find them! Lightning says there's not a lot of room up here. [She's not concerned yet that the two might be gone; none of the others had given an indication of that possibility, and Vanille defers to their greater experience in this weird new world.

She tilts her head as she listens, feeling some of her earlier worry ebb away. Fang is safe (or as safe as Fang ever is) and there is a world down there where she's not cooped up in what amounts to a metal box. Things aren't perfect, but they're better than they could be, and that's good enough for her right now.]

Oh! I haven't seen snow in so long... D'you think we could make snowmen? [Of course that's what Vanille focuses on... not the strange animals, not the unfriendly Initiative, not the uncertainty over where they might stay... but snowmen.]

It's okay up here! A little cramped, but people say we'll be able to leave soon. [She thinks about what Lightning said, how the moon base is the size of Oerba, and keeps that to herself. She doesn't want to remind Fang of their home and make her sad. Instead she considers the people she's met.] Nope, no trouble! [A lie.] I even made some friends! Some of them said they remember me from before. I don't remember them, but they seem nice!

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